Are 10k Months Achievable For Female Entrepreneurs?

Are 10k Months Achievable For Female Entrepreneurs?

Dawn Baxter

Dawn Baxter is a UK female entrepreneur who supports businesswomen to fulfill their dreams online.  View profile

Online service providers and coaches look at 10k or 10,000 pounds/dollars as the monthly income holy grail. For those of us in the industry, it is the number that is thrust around by many peers and mentors as an acceptable income. There are even many books, training and videos supporting the elusive 10k month, giving us tips on how to get there. 

Now if you are looking at that number and thinking wow – that’s just pie in the sky money, I am here to tell you that you are officially wrong (in the politest sense). Take it from someone who very much had a money mindset of scarcity and lack, to tell you that the reason this number is bandied about is that in the main part it is actually achievable. But there are some key elements you MUST have in place before you can even consider reaching this goal.

When you consider how many hats women wear in their daily life it begs the question, are 10k months even achievable for female business owners? Can we hit this level of financial abundance whilst also running homes, raising children and being all the roles in one?

Believe me when I say I am not assuming that ALL women have the same struggles – it is 2021 after all but I know in my circle of female entrepreneurs the daily time block often includes packed lunches, pick-ups, appointments, laundry, cooking or DIY. 

Depending on your niche and industry this number could be harder for you to achieve. If you have a business-to-business model, you will likely get there sooner.   People are willing to invest in things that will help them make more money in the future, which is a perfectly acceptable way of looking at it. I know I am more inclined to invest in myself under those circumstances! 

But let’s say for the article’s sake, that you have a couple of your money ducks in a row already. You are a business-to-business provider or your services are of benefit to people who are in the business world. Then what? What does it actually REALLY take for you to be bringing in, in just one month, a lot more than what some make in a year?

1. You need to have a desirable offer (or a few) – I know, I know!

This one is a bit obvious but that’s why its numero uno and we will get it out there first. If the offer isn’t desirable to your dream client, then it is game over before it has begun. You need to be providing something of value that your clients really want.

2. You need to have a reputation/social proof of great results.

This is a chicken and egg situation. If you have never sold something, then it’s hard for you to be able to provide this for your new clients. That is why often, service providers and coaches will run “test or beta” runs of their “desirable offer” so that you can offer something to your clients at bargain investment but also come away with the results that the service provides and some cracking testimonials!

3. You need to have an eager audience to work with.

Now I am not suggesting here that you need a 10k plus follow list on Instagram here, not at all! My audience is micro and my business makes sales every day – please don’t think there is judgement in the number. We do not do vanity metrics here! But there is something to be said of quality. One eager follower who is ready to work with you is worth 1000 general public – so be really picky with your targeting!

4. You need to have an easy onboarding/pay system ready.

You want to make it as easy as humanly possible for your clients to pay you! Even a simple Paypal button link will do – but remember to choose something where you are feeling okay about paying the fees. It may not be a lot on a 3.99 Ebay purchase but it is significantly more on 10k transactions.

Pro tip:  If you are not used to receiving payments that high, Paypal may hold money back. Don’t worry about it, let it sit while they do their checks to make sure nothing fraudulent is going on and then request a higher tolerance on payments for next time!

5. You need to speak to leads and “qualify” them.      

It may seem awkward to rock up to potential leads and start a conversation but if you have an idea of what your ideal client looks like then it is important for you to make sure that this is right for them and for you.

– Pro tip:  If they are not the right fit for you or your offer then recommend someone who is or be honest.  You can sink your own potential by trying to make something work that isn’t right, re-read tip number 2!

6. You need to talk about your offer a lot!

I mean a lot – digital touchpoints can be as big as 50 times now – people do not see things as often as you may think! Keep talking about it, in different ways, regularly.

7. You need a plan and a structure to reverse engineer that income coming into you monthly.

You need to know how many people you want to work with to achieve this. Is your offer priced at 2k per person? Then you need 5 people a month. Take some time to figure out what is needed for you to achieve your goal. 

As someone who has made 10k months the easy and the hard way, my biggest piece of advice would be that it’s great to have a strategy and plan to get the financial goals you want, but don’t put all of the weight on the financial goals only. Who you work with and why IS SO IMPORTANT. There is a lot to be said about taking on projects that you are passionate about and that bring you joy. Sometimes when you are working in your heart space the money rolls into you in ways you never expected! 

Short Article Review

  1. Have a full suite of offers/packages
  2. Build up social proof
  3. Get your systems in place
  4. Qualify your leads
  5. Get your offers out there!


The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial, medical or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any questions you may have.  

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Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Melissa is a serial entrepreneur who after chasing her dream life in the fashion industry

Melissa Gough is a serial entrepreneur who has helped numerous start-up businesses along her own entrepreneurial journey.  View profile

The world of entrepreneurship is definitely not for the fainthearted. It takes courage, grit, strength, determination & passion and although we may not all feel confident in each of those areas they are all muscles we can definitely learn to flex over time with consistency & experience. After all, we wouldn’t go to the gym just once and expect a 6 pack right?

The same goes once we’ve strengthened those skillsets, we must continue to work on fine-tuning them to become the best version of ourselves.

Again, we wouldn’t do all that work to get a 6 pack and then stop going to the gym would we?

However, no matter how much we work on ourselves, if we aren’t working on maintaining a positive mindset the entrepreneurial path can seem a hard journey to be on.

We can easily be knocked off course when things don’t work out, we hit obstacles or when goals start to seem unobtainable, we can head in a downwards spiral, 2020 is living proof for sure.

As entrepreneurs we are often wearing many hats and at the same time, sometimes we are head down, foot to the pedal and it can be hard to see situations for what they are.  As such, we probably don’t always make the best decisions for our business.

But there are things we can do for sure to ensure we are giving it out best shot by creating new positive habits which in time we will see a compound effect of in both our personal & business lives.

So, let’s talk about exactly what those positive habits are.  



This is HUGE. A lot of people see selfcare as a pamper day of bubble baths, face masks, and other spa indulgements but it is something we should be practicing every single day to maintain a strong positive mindset. (note: we should definitely still be indulging in pamper treats too, I just like to keep those for celebrating my wins!)

Here are some examples of what this could look like for you:


  • Sleep – 7 hours minimum per night. Enough sleep is crucial to allow our bodies to recoup, recharge & heal so that we can perform at our optimum level, resulting in better ideas, decisions and outcomes for your goals. This is underrated but it’s amazing what happens when you treat your body properly and avoid overwork when undernourished, especially over long periods of time, which then becomes the norm.

  • Water – Staying hydrated is another unappreciated factor to being the best version of yourself so you can run at your highest capability. Up to 60% of the human body is water. The heart & brain are composed of 73% water, the lungs 83%, skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% and even the bones contain 31% water. Generally speaking, adults need approximately 2 liters of water a day (no, coffee doesn’t count) and if it’s hot or your exercising then up to 3.5 liters can be consumed.

  • Get Outside – I think this has been forced amongst a lot of us the past year. Being restricted on where we can go, we have been exploring closer to our homes with regular walks to break up working and living within the same 4 walls. This is definitely something we should all implement into our new working routines once ‘normal’ life resumes. Not to mention getting those steps in especially if you’re not managing to do any other form of exercise.

  • Communication – keeping regular lines of communication open with family & friends will help to keep your life balanced. We need to ensure we aren’t all work and no play.  Even though time is often tight with so many jobs to do as an entrepreneur, you will definitely enjoy your work a lot more. You need to allow your brain to have some downtime each day, it is crucial to reducing stress levels, overwhelm and the risk of burn out, something that a lot of entrepreneurs know about all too well.

Feed Your Mind

I would definitely position this 2nd to Selfcare because if you’re not looking after yourself through the above then a positive mind won’t save you from burnout.

Think of your mind as a vault, a place of strength and power where you can unlock all your capabilities and desires. Our minds are SO powerful and no one else has control over them but us! How cool is that! Nevertheless, we don’t always protect them like we should.

Remember this quote “Where focus goes, energy flows” (Tony Robbins).

Strength is in everything around us, we just need to focus on the calm & the good.  When everything is constantly changing, we need to ensure that the way we pivot to change is positively. The power isn’t in the changes or the comments made around the changes (COVID for example), the power is in our reaction to those changes and how we choose to move forward.

So, how can we do that exactly?


Social Media

What’s the first thing you do each day, when you open your eyes? (be honest). Is it reach for your phone on your bedside by any chance?

Ok, I want you to imagine your brain as a big dry sponge that from the moment you open your eyes in the morning starts to soak up everything that you ‘allow’ in.  Now think about it like this.  You pick up your phone, start scrolling through social media seeing the ‘perfect highlights’ of people’s lives, perfect airbrushed faces & bodies all in their professionally cleaned dust-free show homes with their perfect angel like children. Your sponge is now already full of negative thoughts and doubts as you’ve entered the world of ‘comparatinitous’ and are now left feeling inadequate and worthless as you begin your day.

This is exactly what happens in our subconscious and even though the day proves to start off badly, nothing you put on to wear looks nice, hair & make up won’t go right, your untidy home start to annoy you, yet we still continue to do this day in and day out. Why?!

Avoid the ‘scroll hole’ at all costs.

Second to that, we also need to allow our brains to have some downtime each day.  This is crucial to reducing stress levels, overwhelm and burn out that a lot of entrepreneurs know about all too well. Reduced screen time in the morning and evening, as well as regular daily detoxes will help to strengthen that positive mindset and see the benefits of a balanced lifestyle.

Another thing that I find very beneficial is planning & scheduling my social posts in advance, not only for a beautifully curated feed, but to avoid the need to have to reach for my phone.

Batch content creation & planning is also a HUGE time saver.



An amazing replacement for the morning and evening ‘scroll hole’ is reading, not to mention it’s much better on the old eyes. We subject our eyes to so much blue light through phones, ipads, laptops, computers, smart watches, tv screens, and advertisement boards.  It is literally everywhere, even in the sun!

Reading is one of the most powerful ways to inject positivity into your mind especially at the start of your day. Any form of self-education book, or autobiography by those who have walked the same entrepreneurial paths before us are great forms of coaching that will help save you time and money on your journey.

Mindset books will specifically teach you more proven daily tools and strategies to implement into your business that have been used for years.



I cannot stress the importance of having goals and clarity. Also, to have achievable goals, by that I mean goals we can set and achieve in short timeframes.

Yes, it’s important to have long term goals to have that dream life vision board but it must be broken down into smaller timeframes to be able to track and measure, celebrating the wins as you go. If you have a big goal and a huge list of things to do to get there, then the likeliness is that you will try to focus on them all at once and not accomplish very much. Try these…

-End Goal (The big vision, create a vision of this to remind yourself where you are going)

-Long Term Goals (The next 12 months)

-Short Term Goals (The next 90 days)

-Monthly, Weekly and daily goals (top 3 priorities for each timeframe)

This will allow you to be focused on the tasks in hand and move forward with clarity.

The Rule of esteem recognizes that all humans need and want praise, recognition, and acceptance.

William James once said, “The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” 

Therefore, remember to celebrate all the wins along the way, no matter how small (pamper indulges maybe!) it will most definitely help keep you motivated as you head towards your next set of goals.


Daily Habits

In addition to the above there are other positive habits you can implement into your daily routine to create the compound effect of a positive mindset. Remember, your brain is a vault, a big eager and curious sponge and we get to choose what enters it. So here are some other practices for you to also consider:


  • Journaling / brain dumping / emptying your brain – whatever you choose to call it, it helps! Something magical happens when pen hits paper it becomes real once it’s out of your head and the universe will help guide you (same with goals), it allows you to prioritize better too.

  • Meditation – I understand this isn’t for everyone (I find it very hard to quiet my mind) but being still or inviting your mind to just slow down works wonders for aiding sleep and reducing overwhelm, anxiety, panic and worry. Guided meditation videos on YouTube are great for those who aren’t able to just focus on breathing. Using ‘positive guided meditation’ as a way of getting positive words into your mind in a morning if you’re not quite the reader is also a great way to start your day too.

  • Stop the negative thoughts – noticing when you have negative thoughts is the first step, and this gets much faster the more you practice it (I think of it as a game I play with myself now). The next step is to stop them having an impact on your mood, again this gets quicker when you learn how to change your thought process. Eventually you will start to learn the trigger so you get there before your mind even becomes receptive to it. This practice does not happen overnight but starting to become aware of it is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Affirmations – Practicing positive affirmations definitely helps to improve your mindset. Start by writing down a list of things you’re not so positive about when it comes to yourself. This could be the way you look, your confidence, or your capabilities. Then write down the positive opposite of the negative you wrote down. For example,

“I am not confident” = “I am brave”

“I need to lose weight” = “I am beautiful”

Or you can simply write down those you see in your future self.


I am Strong

I am Brave

I am Courageous

I am Capable

I am Beautiful


Try setting an alarm on your phone several times a day, when you wake up and when you go to bed especially is a great help to remind you of these.

Also put them in places you see regularly such as screensavers, mirrors, fridge, office, car, purse…wherever is may be.

Your mind only knows what you think or what you allow to enter it.

You need to be the protector of your mind, feed it, nourish it well and allow it time to heal.

With consistency and patience your strength and resilience to outside factors will surely build.  You will have control over your thoughts and your positive and powerful mindset will not only massively start to impact your life but your business too.

What you think you become,

What you feel you attract,

What you imagine you create.

 As with everything mentioned, it is imperative that you don’t try to implement everything all at once, this will create overwhelm and lack of focus so choose 3 key strategies that feel most aligned to you right now and start with those.

Remember, the 21/90 rule…it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle, so have patience with yourself and lean into each practice and enjoy it, don’t think of it as time you could be doing another task (we’ve all done that), rather, fully embrace and believe it will benefit you and your business.

I have no doubt whatsoever that you have the strength and ability to unlock your truest potential, one step, one day at time and become the best version of yourself living the best life you can imagine. Now it’s time, GLOW your brightest Sista, I’ll be watching!

BIG Loves, Melissa XoXo


Short Article Review

  • Self-care and feeding your mind are the 2 most powerful practices we can do and at no cost at all
  • Remember, the 21/90 rule…it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle
  • Talk kindly to yourself on a daily basis, out loud and in your thoughts
  • You need to be the protector of your mind, feed it, nourish it well and allow it time to heal.
  • Maintaining a positive mindset is a result of learning to flex your muscles over a period of time with consistency

The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial, medical or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any questions you may have.  

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8 Strategies On Working From Home During A Pandemic

8 Strategies On Working From Home During A Pandemic

Dawn Baxter

Dawn Baxter is a UK female entrepreneur who supports businesswomen to fulfil their dreams online.  View profile

If you had told me a year or more ago I would be sitting in front of my mac with a 2-hour old cold coffee, giving tips for navigating what can easily be described as the strangest global event we have ever lived through, since Brad left Jen for Angelina, I think I would have laughed. Hard.

Putting my family on house arrest was not anywhere in my 10-year plan. It’s easy to look at our situation in disbelief and like the layers of a well-grown shallot, there is a lot more to this whole thing than meets the immediate eye. If you are anything like me, you may have even sourced some comfort at the beginning of this pandemic in the way our governments shut us down.

Some of us have lost people, many in fact. Some, like myself, have been lucky enough to skim through this (so far) with only family of friends or one step removed losses. It’s an indirect sadness, you feel it, and you wish it didn’t happen, but you are also so grateful that it wasn’t your grandfather, brother, mother, sister or son.

There is a massive population of us that are hurting on the whole for others, and on a lesser level for ourselves and our old lives. Having pain or struggle in one area doesn’t cancel out pain and suffering in another. This is why it’s important to be tactful while working from home.

Here is a list of 8 strategies to help you through this pandemic while working from home:

1. Feel it

It is perfectly acceptable to be a mess right now no matter how close to the sharp end of this pandemic you currently are due to personal circumstances.

2. Be grateful

Now you have identified how you really feel, what is 100 on the suckometer and what isn’t? take some time to find the pockets of light in your day. I really would love for you to throw the “I should be doing” rule book out the window for this one.

3. Your oxygen mask first

In the event of an emergency on a plane, you are told that when the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling you MUST put on your own mask first. There is a very simple reason for this. You cannot help anyone else until you have helped yourself. No air for you means that you are no good to anyone around you, including you.

No matter how full your plate is right now, please, please, please recognize this one thing. You first.

You have identified some grateful spots – which is great, what else do you need? Do you need a standing appointment with a book and a bubble bath every Thursday? Make a list.

Be realistic but also recognize that there are opportunities to take better care of yourself than you are consciously acknowledging whilst you feed yourself another portion of “I don’t have time” or “I just need to do.”

4. Make a plan and fill it with routines

Sit down and map out your week, what is non-negotiable and what can be more flexible. How much time do you need to focus on that? What can you cut out or move?

This part will be hard especially if you have children because the working school day runs as your workday expectations do too. Something’s got to give.

It is important to categorize areas that are within as well as out of your control again for this part.

“You can juggle – but don’t multitask.” – me

Routines and rituals will help you. This may look different for everyone, whether it is a set bath time routine, a set “Golden time” per day (golden time is what we call relax, unwind, screen time for our two), or a time you can check your own computer in peace. The important thing is that everyone knows the plan and what area is being covered right now.

5. Get outside

Get some air, use your legs. Some days you may only get from the doorway to your car – that’s okay too. Especially if whilst inside the car you play a song and rock out, just for you, for those few golden glorious moments.

Getting outside might be required inside too – On a normal week you may not have spent every waking moment with your partner and kids or pets even. Too much of anything will start to slowly erode the joy it once bestowed on you. Be clear on what you need.

6. Boundaries

Have strong boundaries over your working hours, sleep and breaks. Make them, stick to them even if they are not what your normal 9-5 timetable looks like. Be realistic with yourself to make them achievable only – don’t use this as another benchmark of failure.

7. Plan

Make plans for the future – pencil them, put the sharpie down for now – but still make them and remember that although some things will be forever changed many will snap back such as seeing other humans and getting on a plane for instance.

We all need something to look forward to – this shouldn’t be any different.

8. Kindness

Be kind to the people you are communicating with – they may be the cause of additional stress because they are under additional stress and everyone has varying degrees of coping mechanisms and/or support systems.

You do not have to be superwoman – “You can do hard things” – Glennon Doyle – but you do not have to do ALL THE HARD THINGS AT ONCE. You’ve got this, I believe in you.

Short Article Review

  1. Allow yourself to feel it 
  2. Practice grateful
  3. Take care of yourself first
  4. Lean on routine
  5. Make time for outdoors


The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial, medical or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any questions you may have.  

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5 Tips for Being a Successful Mompreneur

5 Tips for Being a Successful Mompreneur

Olivia is a business and marketing coach

Olivia Radcliffe is a business and marketing coach. She is the Founder & CEO of The Bluebell Group.  View profile

On February 29th, 2020, I welcomed my son into the world. It was by far the single most amazing moment in my life, bar none. 

Approximately two weeks later, we went on lockdown due to the pandemic. Over the next few months, I found myself trying to balance learning how to be a good mom, keeping my household running, the dog walked, the cats fed, working a full-time job from home, and running a growing full-time business. Without childcare.

My new title: Single Working Stay-At-Home Mompreneur.

What is a Mompreneur?

Wikipedia defines a Mompreneur as: a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. 

I have my own definition: a superhero (of any gender) who is raising the next generation while serving others through their business.

For each superhero that tackles this feat, though, there’s a lot at stake. Focus too much on your business, and you feel like you’re dropping the ball as a mom. Don’t focus enough on your business, and you feel like you’re going to fail and not be able to provide financially for your family. 

Tips for being a successful Mompreneur

Women don’t just have two choices anymore after becoming moms: go back to work or be a stay-at-home mom. 

With the technological revolution of the digital era and the rise of easily accessible online business tools, it’s possible to have a thriving business AND a happy family. Here are 5 tips for being a successful Mompreneur. 

1. Plan ahead

This one can sound like a bad joke to most moms who know that when you have kids, all plans go out the window. 

That being said, it’s worth taking the time to plan out your week. Take note of important calls and meetings you’ll need quiet for and schedule them for nap time, when possible.

Writing out the big events of the week can help you make sure you’re not accidentally rushing to a routine pediatrician appointment 30 minutes before a meeting with a client (been there, done that). 

Meanwhile, planning the little things, like knowing what you’re going to serve for meals (and meal-prepping when possible!), can help juggling those big things go a bit smoother. 

2. Create a routine

For me and my son, our routine is essential. Of course it changes as his needs do, but having clear morning, mealtime, and bedtime steps helps him to know what to expect – and makes my job a bit easier. 

Routines help provide a sense of safety and security for children. Knowing what will happen next can give babies and toddlers a sense of comfort, freeing their minds to do their “work” – playing, exploring, and learning.

Having a routine with self-care steps built in will also help you develop and stick with good habits. 

3. Get your kids to help

If you have school-age children or older, why not get them to help? You can get some work done while teaching them valuable life lessons. 

For the school-age children, have them do small tasks that can keep them busy and give you some time to focus. 

For older kids/teens, are there any tasks related to your business they can help with directly? 

One of my clients was struggling to keep up with her social media posts, so she asked her teenage daughter to help. It was a win/win/win for her, her daughter, and her business. Her daughter enjoyed the chance to demonstrate her Insta-post crafting skills, made a little bit of money on the side, and learned about running a business. Meanwhile, my client had her business profit from the routine social exposure and her time was freed up, allowing her to focus on other tasks.

4. Know when to multitask…

I don’t think there’s anyone better at multitasking than a mom……except maybe a Mompreneur.

Both raising kids and running a business require you to have a lot up in the air at once. Multitasking is essential to keeping up with all of your daily to-dos. 

If you don’t already, try listening to trainings or podcasts while you’re in the car, cleaning up around the house, or getting ready for your day or for bed. (Seriously, if you have to stand there for two minutes brushing your teeth anyways, you might as well be learning something. For an added boost, do squats while you’re at it! Just kidding. Kinda…)

5. …And know when to be present

But for as much multitasking as you need to do during your day, there are times when you need to be fully and completely present with what you’re doing. 

When you’re spending time interacting with your kids, be present with them. Don’t answer emails or check your Facebook notifications. Children can feel when you’re not present with them, and can respond by acting out to try to get your full attention. 

The same also goes for your business. As much as possible, try not to have disruptions during your client calls or when interacting with business partners or vendors. Show them that you respect their time and business by being completely present for them. This can be a bit harder if you have a baby or younger child, and I will always tell you to put your child’s safety and wellbeing before your business.

When all is said and done, the most important thing to remember is this:

You can’t do it all. 

Don’t get me wrong! I fully believe you can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it. But you can’t do everything all at once. 

Sit down and prioritize your goals. See what feels right to you, and then write them out. And let the rest go (for now). When you accomplish a goal or your goals shift, move on to the next.

Running a successful, profitable business and raising happy, healthy kids at the same time is possible. It will take some planning, hard work, and a ton of support. Keep your community around you including our Womanly Inspiration FB Group, so we can lift you up as needed and celebrate your successes as they come!


Short Article Review

  • Wikipedia defines Mompreneur as: a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.
  • Plan out the big things in your week in advance.
  • Routines help provide a sense of safety and security in children, freeing them to do their “work” of learning and you to focus on your business.
  • Getting your older kids to help with some tasks can help you get some work done and teach them valuable life lessons.
  • You have to know when to multi-task and when to be present.
  • You can do anything, but not everything all at once. Prioritize your goals.

The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial, medical or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any questions you may have.  

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Manage Your Business Finances Like a CFO

Manage Your Business Finances Like a CFO

Elaine Co

Elaine Co is a a Chartered Professional Accountant, and fellow entrepreneur who helps small businesses with their bookkeeping and taxes. View profile 


As an entrepreneur, there are always a million other things that seem more important than managing your business finances. From updating your website to creating that next social media post, it’s easy to let your accounting and finances fall by the wayside.

However, if you are serious about growing your business, managing your business finances is something you need to prioritize. 

Knowing your numbers is key to growing your profits. 

By knowing your numbers, you’ll understand what’s working in your business and what’s not, and make adjustments before it’s too late.

The truth is, no one is going to care more about your business than you. You need to be your own CFO. 

Here are some guidelines to follow to manage your business finances as your own CFO.

1.  Stay up to date with your bookkeeping

Having up-to-date bookkeeping is the foundation of getting the financial side of your business organized. It provides you with the tools and knowledge to make smart business decisions that will ultimately increase your profits and grow your business. 

This starts with having a system to track your income and expenses. This can either be done in a spreadsheet, or in an accounting software like Quickbooks Online.

If you’re a new entrepreneur in the side-hustle stage with a small number of transactions, a spreadsheet will typically be sufficient. However, if your business has more complex transactions or if you’re in your business for the long haul, I strongly recommend investing in software. 

What happens when you ignore your bookkeeping?

  • You don’t catch mistakes in time which can cost you time and money. 
  • You’re stressed come tax time when you’re stuck with doing a year’s worth of bookkeeping at once.
  • You miss deadlines and pay unnecessary penalties and interests.

Regular bookkeeping allows you to be proactive with your decisions, and plan for what’s coming up. 

An important part of bookkeeping is making sure you have the proper documents and records to support your revenue and expenses. 

Organizing and storing your receipts is a must. If you are ever audited, the government will want to see the invoices and receipts to back up what you’ve put through your tax return.

If you find yourself ignoring your bookkeeping because you’re too busy running the day-to-day operations of your business, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. The investment will be worth the gain.

2.  Analyze your numbers every month

Your numbers tell the story of how your business is doing.

After your bookkeeping is done for the month, the next step is to analyze your numbers.

Take a look at your revenues, expenses, and net profit. Then pull up your accounts receivable and accounts payable reports.

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Were you profitable last month? Or did you have a loss?
  • What was your highest revenue stream and how can you focus more on it?
  • What was your biggest expense? Is this contributing to your business, or can you eliminate or reduce it?
  • How much do my customers owe me and should I be following up with any of them for payment?
  • How much do I owe my suppliers, and do I have enough cash to make the payments?


It’s so important to go over your numbers each month and strategize on how you can improve them next month.

If you work with a bookkeeper or accountant on an ongoing basis, it will be especially helpful to work on this exercise together. 

3.  Have a cash flow plan

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “cash is king”. This is very much true, and running out of cash is one of the top reasons businesses fail. 

Set up a cash flow plan that includes the timing and amount of cash coming in and cash going out, so that you can predict things like:

When will you run out of cash and will need to invest money into the business from personal funds?

Or the opposite – when will you have a cash surplus, so you can reinvest back into your business or pay yourself back?

This can simply be done in a spreadsheet. You don’t need any fancy apps or software. 

A good cash flow forecast or plan will ensure you’re able to pay your bills, pay yourself, and set aside money for taxes. 

4.  Understand your tax obligations as an entrepreneur

A common mistake made by new entrepreneurs is not understanding what their tax obligations are. 

As a business owner, things such as sales tax, income tax instalments, and payroll taxes come into play that new entrepreneurs don’t realize.

Do you need to register for, collect and remit sales tax?

Do you need to make estimated tax instalments? If so, when are the due dates?

How much taxes do you need to set aside each month so you’re not hit with a huge tax bill you weren’t prepared for?

These are just some of the questions you should know the answers to. 

Knowing your obligations and taking care of these ahead of time can save you headache and unnecessary penalties and interests down the road, and most importantly, help avoid mistakes. 

Make sure you do your research or consult with a professional to get educated on your tax obligations.


Remember, bookkeeping and dealing with your business finances isn’t something you do once a year just to file taxes.

Make it a part of your monthly to-do list where you sit down and go over what’s going on in your business.

Take the time to understand your business numbers. Look at them regularly, and use them to make smart business decisions that will help you reach your goals.


Short Article Review 

  • As a business owner, managing your business finances is a must if you want to grow your business and profits.
  • Take the time to understand your numbers and make it a priority to analyze your numbers every month.
  • Staying up to date with your bookkeeping is the foundation to getting your finances organized and will make tax time less stressful.
  • Monitoring your cash flow allows you to be proactive with your money. By having a cash flow plan, you can control the amount and timing of your cash ins and outs.
  • Make sure you understand your tax obligations as an entrepreneur. Getting educated in this area will save you headache and penalties, and most importantly, help avoid mistakes.


The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any financial questions you may have. 

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4 Steps To Help You Decide If You Should Quit

4 Steps To Help You Decide If You Should Quit

Yashica Lind

Yashica Lind  is a Personal Mastery Life Coach who helps women take control of their lives . View profile 

I was first confronted with this question after my husband let me know, via an email… can you believe it!… that he wanted a divorce.

It started out as a normal night like any other. I believe I had my head buried in a book and he stated that he was going to run to the store for a snack. On his way out, he told me to check my email, which at the time we shared. I did and was immediately shocked to see an email from him to me. Opening up that email changed my life and forced me to confront the fact that something that I had invested over 15 years of my energy into was falling apart.

There are many stages that we go through when something like that happens, but at the end of the day, the one that mattered most was asking myself if I should give up or fight for a marriage, that in my eyes, was not bad at all. This question was harder to answer back then, but through growth and wisdom and working with many different clients along the way, I noticed a pattern to help you answer this question for yourself.  I have four questions that you should consider if you have to decide if you should give up on something vs keep pushing on. With these four questions you will be better equipped to know what you should do.


1.  Are you forcing it?

Force occurs as a result of, in simplistic terms, trying to push something along or pull something along. There is a tremendous amount of energy that is needed to force something to happen, especially if trying to get something to budge that is not moving. What’s funny is that in science, every time you apply force towards a desired outcome, there is an equal and opposite reaction force. Couple this with the fact that we often don’t have direct control over all of the details of how our desired outcomes materialize once we do everything in our own power to make things happen. These two things may not seem like a big deal, but they are!

There is nothing like coming up with a plan and doing all of the things that you can do and control within yourself to make that happen, however, once you’ve done that and you don’t get the results you want, panic sets in. And then what…you start trying to force the people and circumstances around you to bend to your desired outcome and it usually doesn’t work. The universe likes balance so when you try to force these areas in life, you are often met with counter-force or resistance equal to the force you are using to try to get what you want which equals a big fat zero progress. So what can you do?

Recognize that you will have less success using force, especially on things that are beyond your control and learn how to generate power. Power actually produces work. Power comes from you working on yourself and doing the things within your control to make things happen. This most often means working on your mindset and creating a strategy mostly full of the things that you can control. If you are working on these things 100% that is truly all you can do. And just to leave you with another bit of science…. Power is increased by doing things faster, not necessarily harder, so if you want to make change happen in your life. Make the changes that you can control as fast as you can.

2.  Are your heart and your mind aligned?

You mustn’t overlook this step. From the time you came out of the womb, you have been bombarded with messages that create beliefs which in turn create attitudes and behaviors. These are usually linked to the mind and may not always be aligned with how we feel in our heart. You may do what your parents want you to do, your kids, or society. You may live so much for other people and the rules of others that you lose sight of who you are. The problem with this is you may be working towards something that is not even something that you desire deep down inside. The mind is powerful and since what you think ultimately becomes what you manifest, your heart ends up being  overridden and you can end up chasing things that are ultimately not in line with your purpose. 

To counter this, you must learn to check in with your heart. Your feelings are going to play a part in your future success. Your heart (feelings) should be first in command and whenever you are going after a goal, if it doesn’t feel right in your heart, you have some soul searching to do. The heart doesn’t lie but the mind can sneakily have you do things that go against your heart and you may not even notice it happening. Your mind is 2nd in command.

True power comes from doing things in life that are aligned with your heart and your head. Or to say it another way, your feelings and your thoughts. Pursuing goals when you feel good about them makes it easier to use your mind as a TOOL and not the Commander-in-Chief and when this happens, you are unstoppable. You not only have the two building blocks that you need to move mountains, but you are also more likely to spend your time and energy on things that matter most to you which leads to more happiness, less stress, and more fulfillment.

3.  Are you doing the work or just wishful thinking?

This ties into the Power vs Force conversation. If you are not sure if you should give up on something, sometimes you may need to consider if you are actually doing the work. If you want to lose weight, are you consistently doing everything in your POWER to make it happen? Is it something you really want or something you think you should want? And here is an important part, do you have a clear strategy or plan or are you picking vague goals and winging it?

Most big dreams in life that you want to accomplish are going to require more effort on your part than you may initially think. This is very important to recognize because if you overestimate what is required of you to accomplish a goal you will usually be hit with a wake up call and it’s usually in the form of your progress not matching up to your expectations. This is why the heart and mind alignment is important. You can feel in your heart that you want something but if evidence is showing you otherwise, then you may be a bit delusional and may need to throw in the towel or at least reevaluate your actions and priorities. 

It is totally OK to be optimistic, however it is not ok to adopt wishful thinking and not check in with your logical mind to see if the trajectory you are on makes sense… especially if it is something that you don’t have direct control over or you are not taking consistent, specific, strategic action to materialize.


4.  Can you keep it up- the world works with a delay?

In science, it’s well known that when you look in the mirror, there is a fraction of time that passes by before you see the reflection in the mirror. Because it’s based on light rays, it is imperceptible. If you don’t know, reality is also a mirror that also has a set of delays. The difference with reality though, is that it operates on your thoughts and beliefs and has to meld with the thoughts and beliefs of others. Not only that, in reality you are not trying to move light, you are trying to move matter. Matter is dense.

Since you are continuously shaping the world around you with your conscious and unconscious thoughts, your level of success is going to depend on your thoughts. Things may not happen on the timeline that you expect. All of the things in this article must be done with diligence to accomplish a goal and even then, it still may not happen on your timeline. You are promised that you will succeed, the thing is, you may not know when or how. So then you must ask yourself, can you keep going? Or are you willing to keep going?

Compare this to when you go hard in the first month to try to lose weight, you expend an incredible amount of energy for what you may feel are minimal results. Now that you know about the delay, how badly do you want it? Your cells inside are revving up, your metabolism is shifting, you are processing nutrients differently.  All of the things that you won’t automatically see but that mean that you are headed in the right direction, but you give up because you don’t see what you want–you don’t see the scale move.

If you want to know if you should keep going or give up, the last bit of advice I will leave you with is to ask yourself if your goal aligns with the first 3 tips, and if it does, the only thing you need to do then is check in with yourself to see if you would be willing to go all in even if your outcome may not look the way you want or it may not happen when you want it to and if you find that you can’t detach from those aspects of your outcome, you may need to reevaluate or quit, unfortunately. 


So should you give up or keep going?

Making the decision to give up or keep going is not easy, and in the case of my husband asking for a divorce, I didn’t have control over him and forcing him to be with me would be counterproductive.  In my heart I felt I should let him go even though my head wanted to fight, logically I didn’t have evidence that he wanted to save the marriage, and I would not be ok fighting for the marriage and spending years of my life living in misery. Because of those four factors that I shared in this article, I gave up.

I thought it would be the most painful thing that I ever had to do because it wasn’t an easy decision but in the surrender, I found peace. That surrender led me to new places and new heights and allowed me to recalibrate to a life of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. Deciding to give up or if you should keep going may not be easy for you either, but once you are clear about which fork in the road you will choose, you will open up space in your life for a more joy filled life full of greater opportunities for growth and expansion.


Short Article Review

  • Sometimes you can want something badly with all of your heart and even in the face of blocks and frustrations, you may be confused about whether you should give up or keep going and while there’s no right or wrong answer, this article will help you make that decision
  • When you force an issue, the laws of science dictate that you be met with counterforce so it is vital that before you give up, you tap into your power in order to accomplish the results you desire. Tapping into your power will help you move past the things getting in your way and help you make progress faster and more effectively
  • When you feel like you can’t decide whether you should throw in the towel, check in with your heart. Your heart will never lie if you learn to check in with yourself vs let your mind run the show. Your heart is connected to your intuition and ALWAYS has your mission and purpose in mind and will help you make the right choice.
  • Still feeling confused? Do an honest gut check. Are you actually doing everything that you can possibly do to achieve your outcome or are you wishful thinking? Dreams and goals require effort of some sort and making sure your attitude, actions, and behaviors align with your desire is key
  • Understand that your efforts don’t produce results immediately. The time to get results varies. Think about it, weight loss, a college degree, mindset changes… they all require a series of consistent efforts to occur before you notice changes so if you know you are tapping into your power, your heart is aligned with your desire, and you are doing the work… have faith. You will be successful even if it’s not on your expected timeline.

The content in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice.  Always seek the advice of a licensed professional regarding any questions you may have. 

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