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Rashmi Schramm MD


Dr. Rashmi Schramm is an Integrative Physician who specializes in helping busy women combat the effects of daily stress by helping them harness inner peace and joy. She has a private practice in Florida. She is certified via the Chopra Center to teach Ayurveda lifestyle and also loves being a certified teacher of I AM Yoga Nidra. She is nearing completion of her training as an Integrative Health Coach via Duke Integrative Medicine and is in a deep dive of vedic studies en route to becoming a certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, also via the Chopra Center. Rashmi is fascinated with the infinite healing potentials of our body, mind, and spirit. Most of all, Dr. Rashmi is a meditation enthusiast and will gladly teach you how to meditate if you ask her, anytime and anywhere.


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