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Pamela S. Alexander, PhD.

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Pamela S. Alexander, PhD


Pamela S. Alexander, PhD, is a passionate poet, artist, dreamworker, and personal/spiritual growth advocate on a lifelong mission to expand people’s consciousness and help them reach greater heights. Currently, she leverages an embodied, compassionate approach to assist her clients in tapping into the infinite wisdom within their own dreamscapes to align with their soul’s deepest longings. The intention of her dreamwork is to free the soul to live a purposeful life with meaning and passion. Whether it’s a self-development course, poetry book, or fairytale, she utilizes the power of words to instill a message of healing, love, hope, and total-life transformation.

Pamela’s affinity for the written word began with poetic expression, which resulted in the publication of her book Psyche’s Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul. Her most recent book is a compilation of symbolic stories called Initiation of the Soul: Myth and Fairy Tales as a Path of Awakening to Freedom and Wholeness



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