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Kathy Huynh


Hey there! I’m Kathy.

I am a published bridal makeup artist, the owner of Kathy Huynh Artistry and a beauty business coach from Orange County, CA. I started my bridal makeup business in 2013 from ground zero, with no experience. All I had was a burning passion and a willingness to make it happen! I built that business close to six figures and a team of nine artists while still maintaining a full time job! I have worked with hundreds of everyday women and helped them feel their personal best on their wedding day. I’m not only obsessed with all things makeup, but I also have a passion for sharing my expertise with aspiring bridal makeup artists who want to turn their passion into a thriving business. In 2019, I started Art of Bridal Business to help makeup artists do just that. Come over and say hi.

Instagram:  @kathyhuynhartistry