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Geraldine Sexton BSc, RD, MINDI

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Geraldine Sexton


Hi, my name is Geraldine and I am an Irish Registered Dietitian. I am passionate about nutrition and health, and am committed to working with my clients to find practical solutions that work with their lifestyle and meet their specific needs. My area of expertise is women’s health so in 2010 I founded GS Health & Nutrition to support and empower women using the latest evidence-based research. In January of this year, I brought my business online as I wanted to support a wider audience. You can find me on Instagram @womenshealth.nutrition or on Facebook @ GS Health & Nutrition. I’m here to support you so please contact me if there are any topics you would like me to cover or if you have any questions that you need answered.

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Instagram:   @womenshealth.nutrition