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Dr Anne Whitehouse

Womanly Inspiration author

Dr Anne Whitehouse is a women’s success coach and author dedicated to helping women break through success limits, without sacrificing their wellbeing or their feminine energy.


Anne is an author, PhD scientist, women’s success coach and a subconscious healing specialist. Her mission is to enable women to level the energetic playing field, and break through success limits, without being undermined or having to sacrifice their feminine energy.  Anne facilitates transformational mastermind groups and empowerment workshops, online and worldwide. 

Following her burnout in the boys’ club world of engineering, she developed a pioneering system that frees women from the toxic energies and double standards of the status quo.   You can read how to free yourself in her book “Pull Back Your Power – the ground-breaking code to unlocking profound confidence and soaring success for aspirational women.” 

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