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I own and operate an emotional health coaching practice – Heart & Spirit – specializing in women and highly sensitive people. I operate from the perspective that only you can help yourself, while I am simply your guiding hand, teacher, and cheerleader, gifting you the tools that will sustain your progress. My neuroscience training at Columbia University and my experience in crisis counseling combined with my personal journey, through a decade of depression, out of which I grew into this purposeful, passionate woman, capable of the gutsy moves you see me make today. Heart & Spirit focuses on inner work techniques – including shadow work, breath work, meditation, journaling, and more – and incorporates traditional coaching and counseling approaches, as well. If I can crawl out of my rock bottom, using just a few, sustainable inner work habits, anyone can! I’m no one special – let me tell you. Just dip your toe in and get started. 


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YouTube: Ana – Heart & Spirit