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Ally Davis

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Ally Davis


Ally is a bestselling author and female entrepreneur who after being diagnosed with illness took a look at her life and realized she wasn’t where she wanted to be. After a lot of personal development, she set up her business to be able to manage her illnesses and do what she loves. 

Ally is living proof that you can build a successful business whilst dealing with illness and she is passionate about helping other women to do the same.  

Ally is on a mission to share the secret weapon that has propelled her to success, which is why she launched her business with her best selling book, “Oooh, Pinteresting”  – which hit No.1 in blogs, digital media and web marketing categories.  

Having been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and hitting rock bottom at the age of 29, Ally invested in developing and growing her skills and feels passionately that her purpose is to now help others grow. Ally is also a brain aneurysm survivor! She was diagnosed with a complex brain aneurysm that her surgeon had only seen 5 times in his career. Ally had a grueling 5-hour operation to stent and coil the aneurysm and hopes that is the end of her hospital stays! However, it has given her so much more fire in her belly to make the most of each day, cherish moments and make memories.

You can find Ally in Wales, re-designing her home with her partner and Labrador Freddie.