This Is What Happened When I Put On a Little Makeup

Aug 20, 2020 | Lifestyle

Arlene Bartok

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Over the last month, I’ve been doing a challenge of putting makeup on every day. It’s been years since I’ve worn any and I thought that this would be an easy way for me to start embracing my femininity.  I always saw femininity as a weakness growing up and I wanted to change that. This became an eye opening journey for me. 


Commitments are tough 

Commitment has always been a struggle for me. I have a long history of starting things and stopping them days later. I really doubted myself at the beginning.  I surprised myself with how much I was really committed to doing this though. I actually put makeup on every day. Even at night when I was only going to wear it for a couple hours. What’s fantastic is that this led to another commitment challenge of working out every day. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks straight of daily workouts. Woohoo! I’m beginning to trust myself now. 


So much more than a simple daily routine

Taking time out of each day to put on a little makeup showed me that I am worth the time and effort it takes to do something nice for myself. I am worth it. As mentioned above, this motivated me and got me to start exercising daily.  Aside from that, the commitment and motivation is reflecting more in my meals as well. I now take time to cook myself an actual meal more often instead of grabbing something convenient and easy. 


Fun can come unexpectedly when you put on a little makeup

Wearing makeup is a form of self-expression. Being brave enough to try different bold and bright colors and different ways of wearing it, helps me be more confident. I now feel freer to be more open with others. I enjoy meeting new people online and sharing my story with them. 

This is so much fun. I’m having a blast trying different techniques I watch on YouTube. I realize makeup is an art and I love art. By being open about makeup, I am now also engaging in more fun activities in my daily life too. I started an Instagram profile and enjoy posting pictures and engaging with people on there. I share my art and music and progress on the projects I’m working on. I’ve never been brave enough to share about myself like this before.


Little changes can lead to big results

Makeup has become a wonderful part of my daily routine. I’m amazed how committing to one thing and actually doing it, can benefit other areas of your life.  Little changes can lead to big results.  Additionally, I’m feeling more feminine and I’m loving it. I no longer feel that it is a weakness but a power I can tap into to fuel me and use to make my life better. I feel more confident, sexy, and capable of doing great things. I really love myself and am able to see the beauty in others. I encourage more women to find ways to embrace their feminine side. 


Short Article Review

  • This is my journey on how I started embracing my femininity.
  • What started as a little five minute routine grew into so much more.
  • By creating one habit, this encouraged me to start other habits
  • Fun can come unexpectedly
  • Little changes can lead to big results

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