The 12 Universal Laws For Manifesting That No One Talks About

Jan 21, 2021 | Lifestyle

Heather Danielle

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Have you been trying to manifest something and it doesn’t seem to be working? You’re doing everything right.  You have your vision board, you’re saying your affirmations like your life depends on it.  But nothing seems to be changing?

I know what can help!

Ever since the movie, The Secret came out back in 2006, the Law of Attraction has become the foundation for amazing manifesting results.  

The issue though, is it’s not the only law of the Universe. We can get so frustrated following LOA, that we forget there are other laws around that we need to put into consideration.

In fact, there are 12 Universal Laws out there.  When you aren’t getting anywhere in your manifesting, you have to look at the other laws. 

They can truly hold the secret to all of your manifesting desires!

These Laws were discovered after we observed how the Universe behaved.  They are the how the Universe is structured and functions.  If you gain more knowledge in these laws, you can better understand how they connect to manifesting.  And with this knowledge, you can without a doubt, create a life beyond your wildest dreams! 

Let’s take a look at each law and see how they can help you make your dreams your reality. They are in no particular order. Let’s start with the most famous law, the Law of Attraction.


Law of Attraction

Like attracts like.

This law reminds us that if we think about something, and we bring it into our reality. If you think about some pretty amazing things, the Universe hears these thoughts, and brings back to you some more of those pretty amazing things.  Ever think, “I don’t have any money!” And then, you become even worse off with money? It’s because the Universe heard you say you don’t have any money.  Since like attracts like, they bring you more of  “no money!” 


Law of Divine Oneness

Everything and everyone is connected. 

This law is super important to understand.  Since everything is connected, that means not one of us is better than or less than anyone else. The number one thing I have seen people do that blocks their manifesting abilities, is not believing in themselves.  We’re powerful spiritual beings!  We can do anything. Keep this Universal Law in your back pocket and watch how quickly things come to fruition for you.


Law of Vibration

Everything is made up of energy and has its own vibrational frequency.

This law is like the brother of Law of Attraction (LOA).  It helps you understand that every single thought, every word or action you make has a frequency.  Then, the LOA processes it and brings you more of that same energy vibration.  That is why it is critical to focus on what you DO want.  If you keep focusing on the good stuff, you’re carrying that vibration and the LOA will come in, and give you more of it. 


Law of Inspired Action

Taking action you’re lead to take.

Inspired means, “In Spirit”.  This is the most critical law that is often forgotten about.  You can’t just write down affirmations and stare at your vision board.  You have to tune in to guidance and take actions that you are guided to take.  How do you know if the action is Spirit lead?  One way to tell is if the action feels good and more often than not, it is something you haven’t done before.


Law of Compensation

You receive what you put out there.  Give freely, get freely.

Ever hear of this one before?  Have you noticed people with a lot of money, giving a lot of money away?  You get more of what you give.  So, if you want more time give more time. 


Law of Cause and Effect

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

This is the law where I give Spirit a break.  The truth is every single choice we make has a consequence whether it’s good or bad. So, if something isn’t happening for me, I trust that Spirit will bring it around when they’re able.  It just may mean they cannot do it right now because of the butterfly effect.  HINT: Don’t be sad if this happens to you because the Spirit rewards you with your patience and gives you something even better than you asked for. 


Law of Correspondence

As above, so below.

Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world, and this law reminds us of this.  So, if there is craziness in your outer world, you must change up your inner dialogue and behavior. This will help you excel the manifesting process. 


Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite.

Imagine a magnet on the good thoughts you have and another on the not so good thoughts. These magnets are trying to connect to one another.  They’re drawn to each other, they can’t help it.  The stronger your connection is to the good thoughts, the further away the other magnet gets.  Hence, the easier it is for you to manifest! 


Law of Rhythm

All things come in cycles.

Know that the Universe is like a pendulum, in constant state of motion with its own natural rhythm.  Your life is like this too.  You’re going to feel down sometimes, people are going to break promises, you’re going to have challenges.  What’s important is for you not to allow your own personal pendulum go too far in either direction. 


Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Energy is forever moving.

Whenever I am feeling down and need a pick me up, I come to this law.  It helps me stay focused on my desires because it makes me remember that I am not helpless in any situation.  I can change my thoughts and feelings (and attract better vibes!) because energy is constantly moving. The truth is, lower vibrational thoughts (like depression, sadness, etc.) carry their own vibrational frequency.  You can change this by helping the energy get some momentum and move faster.  When this happens, the vibration changes to a higher frequency and therefore, changes those lower vibe thoughts to higher ones.  Love and compassion are the highest vibrating thoughts out there.  Heads up: This is why they say exercise, walking is super good for you. It helps you raise that vibration and become a manifesting magnet! 


Law of Gender

Everything has feminine and masculine energies.

I recently learned that giving is a masculine energy. Crazy, right?  You’d think with how nurturing women are with their family and friends that this would be a feminine trait.  It’s not though.  Receiving is the feminine way.  This is important because you have to remember to have balance.  Noticing if you’re giving too much, and not receiving enough can help you bring to life what you are wanting. 


Law of Relativity

Nothing is good or bad until compared to something else.

I call this the law of judgment.  We judge all of the time.  It doesn’t mean that you’re a snob or a bully.  This is natural for just about every one of us.  We judge things based on our past experience.  Our judgement is everywhere.  (This seat is soft! This music is loud…) Judgements can be compliments too! (She’s super pretty!  He has such a good voice.)  We say these things because we’re comparing them to something else we’ve already experienced.  How can this law help?  By noticing when we do this, and coming back to the place of things “just being.”


Following these laws has helped me manifest my house on a lake, a beautiful office, and my dream job.  Anytime I am at a loss on what to do next, I look back at these and pinpoint which one I am out of balance with.

Which law are you the most drawn to?  Are there any that are standing out to you that you feel that you need to apply right away? 

I’d love to hear from you! 


Short Article Review

  • Twelve Universal Laws were discovered after we observed how the universe behaved.
  • These 12 Laws hold the secrets of manifesting.
  • The brother to the Law of Attraction (Law of Vibration) tells us, everything is made up of energy and has its own vibrational frequency.
  • One of the MOST beneficial Laws to help with manifesting is the Law of Inspired Action.
  • The Law of Compensation shows us the more abundance we give, the more we will get in return.  

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