How To Set Goals For A More Meaningful Life

Nov 3, 2020 | Lifestyle

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There’s no time like the present to make positive changes in your life.  Why wait until New Year’s when you have NOW?!? Before you set new goals let’s get a clear foundation for what a meaningful life looks like to you. It will be different for everyone but it involves living with purpose. Living a life authentic to you.

Get a journal out and ask yourself these questions…

What brings me joy?

How do I desire to feel most often?

What does an ideal day look like for me?

Once you have clarity around these things, knowing, setting and achieving your goals will be that much easier. Let’s get started!

Do a Brain Dump

Make a list of all of your desires in all areas of your life. These could be in different categories like career, finance, health, relationships or other categories like things and experiences. No need to filter or overthink at this point – just get it all out of your head and onto paper where you’ll be able to see and review everything.

Are they really YOUR goals?

Once you’ve gotten everything out, go back through your list and see which goals are actually YOURS. What do I mean by that?!? Sometimes we set goals based on “shoulds” or what we want for other people, or what other people want for us. For example, a goal of yours could be to read 12 books a year because you think you should, not because you really enjoy reading. Another example could be taking a trip to Disney because the kids would love it but really, you’d love to go on a creative retreat in Sedona. Another could be to have a goal to get a certain job because your spouse thinks it’s a great idea. Get clear on what you desire for yourself.

Which ones excite you the most?

Now that you’re clear that your desires are actually your own, go through the list again and see which ones excite you most – really light you up so much so you can actually feel it in your body! These are the goals to start with!

Why is this important to you?

If something isn’t important to us, we just won’t do it. That’s why it’s crucial to know the “why” behind your exciting goal. Knowing the why will keep you going if and when obstacles come up. You’ll be able to push through and keep going!

Set A Time Frame

Goals need a time frame otherwise they can just hang out there forever. Time will go by and you’ll be no closer to achieving your goal than the day you first wrote it on your list. Setting a time frame will give your goal a sense of urgency and will make it easier when creating an action plan.

Break It Down

Now that you have a number of goals that you’re excited about and you’re clear about the reasons behind the goals, it’s time to create an action plan! Many people get stuck because the goal seems too big and overwhelming so they stop before even getting started. The best way to actually achieve a goal is to break that big goal down into small tasks. I’m talking as small as possible! This way each task seems doable and once it’s done, you’ll get to cross it off your list. We all know how great it feels to cross something off our to-do list! You’ll start to build up multiple little wins which will create momentum to getting to your bigger wins!

The journey of working on a goal is as important as achieving it. You learn and grow as you go. When you do things that bring joy to your life it will have a positive ripple effect on others in your life. You deserve to be, do and have all that you desire. Make yourself a priority and get going on your goals! 


Short Article Review

  • Do a brain dump – get everything out of your head and onto paper – unfiltered!
  • Assess if these goals are truly your own
  • Decide which ones are most important and light you up with excitement
  • Commit to a time frame to make it happen
  • Break it down into tiny manageable steps and keep going!


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