Back To School: What’s The Right Choice?

Aug 13, 2020 | Lifestyle

Payal Patel Ghayal MD

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Unprecedented Times

It’s finally that time of the year – time to go back to school! In the past, children would dread the end of their fun-filled summer while most parents would eagerly count down the days until they could send their children back under the watchful gaze of their teachers.

This year, the world looks a little different. Actually, a lot different! Before, it was never a question whether our children would physically return to school.  All parents had to think about was restocking school supplies, buying new wardrobes, and getting the first-day-of-school chalkboard ready.

This year, the thought of going “back-to-school” is a source of stress and worry for many families. Many of us are questioning how our children will be educated this fall. For most families, the decision has been made for them by the school districts. However, families still have so many decisions to make.

  • Should I opt to homeschool my child?
  • Do mandatory masks provide enough protection?
  • Who will be home with my child if the school elects to use a hybrid model, which calls for a mixture of in-person and virtual learning?
  • Is it safe to hire childcare in a time when we are socially distancing?
  • Should I take a leave of absence until we go back to “normal”?
  • What happens if they start with in-person learning and then change to virtual classes?
  • How do two working parents manage this with no family nearby and no village to lean on?


So, what’s the right answer?

No two families are identical. No two children are the same. There are parents who do have the privilege of working from home or taking leave and then there are parents who are living paycheck to paycheck. Many families need their children to go to school so they can provide the essentials for their families. Some children have asthma or are immunocompromised, and others are struggling with mental health issues. No one answer will be the right answer for everyone.


You are not alone

I cannot lie. I have been struggling with the same questions myself. This has not been an easy transition for me. Before the pandemic hit, I was working as a pediatrician and had a lot of routine in my life. Now, I look for moments to reenergize every day. Caring for my boys and working from home simultaneously has been a challenge. Honestly, I just really look forward to bedtime. I literally clock out because that is the only way I can show up as the parent I want to be the next day. If we are not intentional about caring for ourselves, then we will feel depleted. We are in this for the long haul. 


Indecision is a Decision

Not making a decision is a decision. When we say “I can’t decide”, we have already made a choice. We choose not to know. All options will have pros and cons, as well as risks that will have to be weighed. Is going to school safe even with mandatory masks? Will my children miss out on social interaction if they stay at home?

There are more questions than answers right now, and it does not feel like there are any good answers. However, once you decide what the right choice is for your family – own it! Embrace your decision because it took a lot of time and effort to get there. You know what is best for your family. Believe it, and we will get through this one school day at a time.

Short Article Review

  • Back to school will look very different this year for many families.
  • Parents are all questioning the quality of education their children will receive this fall.
  • No one answer will be the right answer for everyone.
  • You are not alone, and this has been a challenge for all parents
  • When you decide what the right choice is for your family- own it!

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