5 Ways To Supercharge Your Intuition Today

Jun 7, 2020 | Lifestyle

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Every woman has intuition. The problem is that it is often like an unused lazy muscle inside of us. As children our intuition was educated out of us. As adults we are told that our intuition is unreliable and fickle. However, for us women, intuition can be a powerful guiding system. An intuitive woman is a powerful woman. 

So what can you do to get your intuition supercharged? The answer is routine and consistency. Daily actions can raise your ‘knowing’ to new levels.

Follow the five steps below to Supercharge your Intuition today!


Step One To Supercharge Your Intuition –  Reduce Stress

Stress is the number one block to intuition. When you are stressed cortisol and adrenalin are released into the body and fear increases. We can overreact and it’s much harder to listen to that subtle voice inside. We become indecisive, confused and restless. We are not still inside. Find ways to increase relaxation. For me, I run, dance or move my body. I feel so much calmer afterwards and centered. What works for you to reduce your stress? Or a better question is, what causes you stress and how can you avoid it?


Write down five things in life that cause you stress. How can you reduce their impact or remove them from your life?

Now, write down five ways you can reduce your stress. Put the list of stress reducers somewhere visible in your home. Try to implement at least one of them right now. Put the list of stress reducers somewhere visible in your home.


Step Two To Supercharge Your Intuition – Know your Intuitive Time

We are not super psychic or intuitive ALL the time. These abilities come in waves. It takes self-awareness to know yourself better when to feel those waves. For me, I am very intuitive the week before and during my period. Menopausal women can often find they have intuitive spikes and feel super tuned in. I also find I am more intuitive in the early morning and when I am hungry. When you are most intuitive, you can use that time to make decisions and contemplate your life. When are you most intuitive?


Write a quick note daily in your calendar, journal or phone about your daily ‘intuitive sensing’. Notice when your intuition peaks and when it is low. Is there any connection to your hormones/sleep/diet?


Step Three To Supercharge Your Intuition – Get into the Zone

When we get into the zone we are in the moment. We are calm and centered. All these factors bring us closer to our intuition. The more we train ourselves to get into the zone, the stronger our intuitive muscle gets. You know you are in the zone when you feel you have no thoughts, time flies and you finish your activity fulfilled. For me I get into the zone when I am exercising, dancing, on my sewing machine, making jewelry, doing pottery or playing lego with my children.


List five ways you can get into the zone. Write them on a piece of paper and put on your fridge or wall to remind you to get ‘into the zone’. Aim to get into the zone more and more until you can achieve at least 15 – 30 minutes a day.


Step Four To Supercharge Your Intuition – Affirmation

The affirmation I have been using since 1997 is the following – I KNOW. This is not coming from a place of ego. It is simply an affirmation that your intuitive muscle will love. So every time you doubt your intuition and you say, ‘I know’ your intuition will be happy and respond by becoming stronger. Write it all over the house. Say it as you pass by. Say it even when you do not believe it. It is one of the best affirmations because if you are telling your subconscious, psyche and intuition that you trust your ‘knowing’, you will be rewarded with a greater ability to tune in.  


Every time you have doubt or fear I want you to say, ‘I know’. Every time you have an intuitive nudge but then you doubt it, I want you to say, ‘I know’.


Step Five To Supercharge Your Intuition – Start playing with Oracle or Tarot cards

Decks contain a symbolic language which our intuition loves. There are so many decks available to choose from. Pick a deck that resonates with you. Play with the cards and enjoy using them. Ask the question in the morning, ‘How will my day be?’, and pull two cards. Look at each card and write three words for each card. Write those six words in your journal. Go out into the world and forget those words. At the end of the day check how spot on you were. Another exercise is to photocopy and enlarge a card you love and color it in. You get in the zone, imprint the symbols in your mind and get to feel what the card means.


Get yourself a Tarot or Oracle deck and start using them today. You can find them online at popular sites like Amazon or Book Depository or perhaps in your local area. The Radiant Rider Waite deck is a great deck to start with. The Angel Oracle deck is another option.


Short Article Review

I wish for you a fascinating journey into your birthright of intuition. Remember you have a powerful knowing inside of you. It is simply an internal muscle that must be exercised. You have a deep sense of knowing that needs to be acknowledged and worked with. You can truly create the life you want when your internal navigation system is working properly. Daily activities will quickly get you there.

  • Reducing stress allows you to hear your intuitive voice inside.
  • Know your intuitive times to help you make the best decisions.
  • Get into the Zone of ‘No Mind’.
  • Use the Powerful Affirmation, ‘I know’.
  • Start playing with Oracle and Tarot cards and listen to their symbolic language.

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