5 Makeup Myths That Every Woman Should Know

Dec 3, 2020 | Lifestyle

Kathy Huynh

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“Putting on makeup takes too long,” or “I just don’t have time in the morning,” or “I wish I could put on makeup every day, but it’s hard and I don’t know how.”  These are things I often hear from the women I work with.

When you think of putting on makeup, you probably feel stressed and overwhelmed—especially if you are someone who has very little to no experience in the beauty department.  You might even roll your eyes at the thought of getting up early to do your makeup every single day because you’re probably imagining a drawn-out, complicated process with way too many steps to remember and a table full of products that only add to the your overwhelm. I don’t blame you.

Social media has us thinking that putting on makeup means spending hours in front of the mirror, spending a ton of money on products and becoming a beauty expert is required in order to make it work. So yeah, it can feel discouraging, especially if you are not a beauty enthusiast or someone who has the luxury of spending a couple hours on getting their face dolled up.

But don’t worry, I am going to debunk five common makeup myths that every woman should know. After reading this article, you’re going to feel much more empowered to use makeup and have the peace of mind that you don’t have to do all the steps in order to look good and feel confident on a regular basis. In fact, I’ll be sharing some tips to help you create a simple makeup routine that works for YOU. Yes, it will save you time and it works for everyone– even if you are a busy mom or an entrepreneur or a makeup newbie! 

Makeup Myth 1: Makeup requires a lot of application of time

Believe it or not, makeup application can take as little as 10-15 minutes. Yep, my everyday makeup routine takes only 7 minutes (full face application).  The first step in having enough time, is to remove the belief that it takes a lot of time. Just like anything, the more practice you have, the better and more efficient you become.

The key to shorten the amount of time you spend in front of the mirror is to identify the 3 major features of your face that you’d like to enhance and spend the most time on….and the rest is just icing on the cake!

For example, I like to focus on enhancing my eyes, my skin complexion and my eyebrows. On days when I need to rush out the door, I just do those 3 parts and leave the rest out. When I’m getting ready for an evening out, I’ll add on the additional fun steps that really take my makeup to the next level.

Makeup Myth 2: You need to buy a lot of products in order to do good makeup

The beauty industry is literally a $532 BILLION dollars industry. So yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar that cosmetic companies are going to try and get you to buy everything off their shelves! Simple, everyday makeup requires only a few staple products.

You do not need to buy anything more than the essentials. This will take some time for you to play around with and find products that you LOVE. To save you money and overwhelm, I recommend buying quality products that have multipurpose use. For example, I love my IT Cosmetics “Your Skin But Better CC Cream” because it has SPF and color corrector!

Makeup Myth 3: Makeup is a complicated process with too many steps

We’re the ones making things complicated. Same rule applies here as it did to buying only the essential products–only do the essential steps. The key is identifying the important steps that work for you. Understanding WHY you are doing each step is going to help you tremendously in recognizing the steps that are unnecessary.

Do you really need to put on 2 layers of two different primers? Do you really need to sit and bake your face with powder? And do you really need to contour your face with cream AND with powder contour for your everyday look?

Weeding out the “extra” steps that YouTube makeup gurus love to emphasize is going to be a major time saver. I personally don’t use any primer, I don’t bake my face and I definitely don’t have time for both powder and cream contour!

Makeup Myth 4: You need to be a makeup enthusiast to do makeup

Just because you don’t spend your free time playing with makeup or watching a beauty guru play with her makeup on YouTube, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do makeup.

Knowing how to do good everyday makeup has nothing to do with art, or your desire to play with makeup. It is just a learned skill. It’s about understanding how the products work with your skin and how it looks on your face—that’s it! And just like anything, the more time you spend on getting to know your face and features, the better you’ll become at applying makeup. It’s about putting as much makeup on as you need to make you feel confident. You don’t like heavy eyeshadow? Great! You never have to put eyeshadow on. You just want your lashes to look longer? Perfect! Just put on mascara. Do what makes YOU feel good. You don’t need a degree to do that.

Makeup Myth 5: Using makeup makes you look superficial

Many women shy away from putting on makeup because they feel it would make them look and feel superficial. Yes, makeup does have the power of creating illusions and if you put enough of it on, you can transform into someone completely different. Heck, you can even look like your favorite celebrity if you wanted to!

However, when it is used in moderation, such as every day casual makeup, it can enhance your features and self-image.

Using makeup on a regular basis can make you feel more confident and feminine and you may even see an overall better version of yourself. The version you fall in love with every time you look in the mirror.

Makeup is not a tool for deception, it’s an act of self-love. You don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian? Great! Don’t put on makeup like her. You are in control and when you look and feel confident, you can do anything!

Now that we have busted these 5 myths on makeup and given you practical tips to get started, why don’t you try it out and see if you can come up with your basic daily make up essentials and routine.


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  • Makeup Myth 1: Makeup requires a lot of application of time.

  • Makeup Myth 2: You need to buy a lot of products in order to do good makeup.

  • Makeup Myth 3: Makeup is a complicated process with too many steps.

  • Makeup Myth 4: You need to be a makeup enthusiast to do makeup.

  • Makeup Myth 5: Using makeup makes you look superficial.

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