Interested In Meditation? Get Started Now

Aug 6, 2020 | Health, Lifestyle

Rashmi Schramm MD

Rashmi Schramm MD is an Integrative Physician who specializes in helping busy women combat the effects of daily stress. View profile

In the last article, Is Meditation Really Worth All The Hype?I defined what meditation is and then we looked into some of the many benefits of having a meditation practice. Spoiler alert: meditation is actually worth all the hype! I’d love for you to read the article and learn about the scientifically studied health benefits you’ll gain from meditation.

My patients and friends often tell me that meditating is really hard, or challenging. So I made this video so you could see for yourself how easy a meditation practice really is. I put this video together for Womanly Inspiration and I would love for us to meditate together. 
Find a relatively quiet spot, sit down, relax and let’s get started.


I hope you enjoyed meditating with me. Now that you have tried meditation, try incorporating it into your daily routine. Even just 5 minutes a day will start to show up positively in your life.   


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