Dress For The Job You Want: Boss Babe

Jun 7, 2020 | Career, Lifestyle

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Here are a few rules to dress for success.

First and foremost you must dress for the job that you want.  If you are reading this, you want to be a boss babe.   As you know, first impressions are everything so it’s important to show up every day like you want the job.  Plan how you want to look.  While there are many unique jobs out there, the following will be most helpful if you are in the corporate or office environment.


I have a strict 3 color rule when dressing for work.  I don’t count black, white, navy, grey, nude or “neutrals”, as I call them. If I am wearing a print everything else is one of my “neutral” colors.  It may sound boring but studies show black, navy and grey psychologically imply power, knowledge, responsibility and success.  Pastels imply softness, so unless this is what you are going for, you should avoid these colors.  


When possible, have your looks tailored to you.  This will exude the attention to detail you would like others to see.

Also as economic circumstances and availability allow, purchase an outfit, including shoes and accessories, as a whole versus picking pieces from different places to create a look.  This will visually seem much more cohesive.

Your self-esteem is assumed from your clothing.  Never wear ill-fitting torn or messy clothing as this shows a lack of self-worth.  This includes having clean, neat, and manicured nails and hair.

On the topic of self-worth, avoid tight or revealing clothing.  Your worth is not defined in your body but in your work performance.

Remember the main goal here is to create an aura of confidence when you walk in the room, so within these bounds, pick clothing that make you feel your best. 

To add uniqueness or your own style to a look, consider a scarf, jewelry, bag or one print that reflects your personality. This should still be fun and of course boss babes are all unique.


When choosing items for work, try to pick classics that will stand the test of time, a sheath dress, a blazer, a pencil skirt, as these things will always be in style.  This way you can justify spending more on these items as you are assured to wear them for years.  Try to avoid trendy pieces, unless of course they are the one “personality” item in your outfit as referenced above.

Makeup should also be light, natural and “classic” for the workplace.

Follow Superiors:

A great place to look for inspiration are your superiors or the boss babes you aspire to be.  This will help you get a feel of what is generally accepted in your work place.  For the first few days in a new office, opt for slacks and a blazer while you are gauging the general attire at your workplace.  It is generally more favorable to be overdressed than under-dressed at work.  You can adjust your attire once you have a better understanding of your specific work environment.


Never take business causal or casual days too far.  Most CEO’s rarely wear jeans to work. On those inevitable “off days” a sleek bun with a blouse and slacks or a work appropriate dress make getting ready quick and easy.

Again there are just a few rules that make a big difference.  Dress for that boss babe job ladies and have fun doing it! You are strong, intelligent, successful and full of power.  Go out and take over the world.


Short Article Review

Rules to Dressing for the job you want: boss babe

  • Tailoring- exudes attention to detail

  • Classics- are always in style- Spend your money here!

  • Follow Superiors lead

  • Casual Friday- never take it too far- Always Dress as a boss babe!

  • Color- Keep it simple. 3 colors or less- Navy Black and Grey!

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